Saturday, October 16, 2010


1. What or who is your greatest inspiration?

people on street cause i always find something unique from different people then i got inspiration to mix and match it with my own style and some movies and my favorite fashion bloggers who are really succeed and awesome, i learned so much from them they motivate me to be better and find my own style 

2. Why are you interested in fashion/modelling/photography?

cause it's the way i express myself. i'm a quiet person, i don't talk much but when it comes to fashion people say it's the way i "speak". looking good for myself is make me happy and compliments are appreciation for myself. 

3. How would you describe your style?

i love vintage things such as my mom things, and then i love rebel too with some sides of feminism. i wear whatever i want, and feel comfortable and just be confident.

4. Does your blog help you in your career?

i don't really see my career on fashion blog anytime soon right now. I still go to school and i think if i succeed express myself with this fashion blog and people like it, i really want it to be real like to be fashion designer or have a boutique.

5. What do you like to do in your free time? – apart from blogging

i love dancing, writing songs, singing or drawing and travelling

6. What is your advice for young people who are interested in a career

well don't give up, when you start making a fashion blog you want it to be good, so make it interesting. don't forget to tell people like promoting on twitter or facebook, or fashion sites, or exchange link with some fashion bloggers it will make people notice you. be confident, be yourself. if this is your dream then you'll have to start believing and stop just sit there and hoping. make some good work, try your best and do things you love and happy. cause in the end that's all that matter :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Floral for summer

so, i posted again, like finally....
yeah, I'm still on my final exams, and i hope i'll pass, and make it to grade 9.
so what will i do this summer? oh yeah my country doesn't have summer, but i still pretend like it does. nothing like make any different, here is so hot, and beaches and all you know?
i'm planning to go to Bali. perfect place, isn't it?
so floral does make a sweet thing to look. i like it, and still... hot pants for summer, will never forget. and then gladiator shoes, it's silver... a little saprkle if it hits the sunlight hahaha
so, see ya in next post :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Casual Rebel Miley cyrus

so, i guess i'll just post this casual style from Miley Cyrus. who doesn't know her? and as i noticed that maybe she's changing with her growth, and i think so does her style. it's good, i like that. But what i maybe can call her style is like rebel...
i found it sexy, and just more mature.

i always love her boots anyway, lol. So what do you think? well i think it's kinda like spider web, isn't it? it's sexy, she revealed a little too much of her bra on her back, and i think it's fine. it's cool, and well made her looked untamed? lol. but i love it :)

i also love this one! I'm a huge lover of denim shirt! she matched it with short flower dress and boots, well it's like not exactly boots, but well.. still boots. she looked so cute! simple style to girls nigh out!

i think these days she usually wears boots, ripped jeans, or shorts. i love ripped jeans! i wish i could wear that... well i think she got higher shoes looks like boots now (?) lol. and so you maybe could wear something like this when hanging out with your boyfriends!

Miley Cyrus Leaving Robeks Juice In Toluca Lake, April 9 2010

hot denim pants, shit, V-neck t-shirt and fedora. o yeah and those studed black simple shoes. casually rebel, right? she just wears something simple, that maybe you could steal from your boyfriend's closet or your brother even your dad. simpley stylish with shirt, short and t-shirt.
comfortable and stylish. it's good for hot wheather out there.

Iron maiden t-shirt? sure! she could make it looks really cool and sexy, with those leggings and keds she looks sporty and casual.

i think she now love to wearing big bags. with animals print. it's cool and maybe i have to find one for me :)

so i think those clothes are good for days, it's casual just wear your brother's shirt plus your v-neck t-shirt or tank top with shorts or ripped jeans. you will look all like Miley Cyrus.

and she have clothing line, colaboration with mark Azaria, and you can get clothes they designed on wal-mart. simple rock style which miley has, and you could have them too and looking like one!

and what i love about her right now is her hair style, i love

the pony is like in braid and yeah you know that's really cool, new inspiration to try!

i realli liked the new style of her now, even though you can say that it's controversial, but still it worth of try to look up to her style. it's new, simple, stylish and comfortable.
i see in the first of this year ripped things was trend, even still is until now. plus boots, that i'm dying to buy. i don't know why but i feel like it's pretty hard to find right boots in this city, oh gosh. maybe it sound too much, but well i haven't found some! so if you're the girl who has boots and you don't wanna wear it anymore, just send me those! my size is 36 or 5. you can email me

so here you go for another post, and yeah if you're looking for exchnge links, i'm up for that so just contact me by e-mail.

Intan Thalia

Friday, May 21, 2010

falda globo de color beige

i found this vintage skirt, it's beige and balloon style. well, it's another thing from the past, i think i bought it when i was still 10. well, it has straps but i think i lost them, so i just wear it as a skirt.
it's nice to be back again, from long vacuum. from now on I'll just keep going no matter what. yeah and that's the spirit, stay tuned for another post, i promise it'll be soon!

Intan Thalia