Friday, April 1, 2011

hey, What's hot? Galaxy Print

watch out! Galaxy Print is everywhere! started from the creativity of Christopher Kane
wohoooo gotta hunt this dresses! available with so many different models and colour
I'd die to buy it man...
just gotta have it! yeah it's everywhere.. and it burns my eyes lol it's sort of bling bling so you can shine along with it hahaha

Alexa Chung and Rosamund Pike

Carey Mulligan

it's been a long time.. i guess but guess what national exam is almost here!!
3 weeks left after that, Im gonna do some "Me" project to upload... say wohoooop
i have to say that I've been receiving blessings non stop from God and whyever i mentioned that, i just want you to know that I'm really grateful for it

but you know what i miss the most? and i wish i can go back as soon as possible
America.... why is it freaking far away? i need to see my friends and family there... miss them so bad!

stay tuned though... will be back very soon :)