Wednesday, November 4, 2009

it's so colorfull

hey, how are ya all?
it's been a long time (again)
and i just, well.. like you know my photographer is very busy
so, we have to manage all of our schedule and then find some time to do this
happy things to do for ya and me !
and then , just yesterday
i found this dress, my cousin bought me from Bali..
i love that actually, so i'll let you all see
see ya next time

Sunday, October 18, 2009

batik = Indonesia

hello guys,
it's been a long times right?
i've been missing you to post about this fashion thing
well, actually i wanted to post this about a long time ago at chictopia
but i don't know why, it didn't work at chictopia
and now, well im finally back

maybe you all may know or may not know about
maybe it was on October 02, 2009
that was a batik day for Indonesia

so, even i was on vacation at that day
i was wearing a batik!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Burberry Prorsum spring 2009

hello everyone, im so sad that i can't go to New York Fashion Week because.. i can't leave my country now. i should go to my grandma place for celebrate her birthday. i'll go to small city or oh yeah village, today. na dthe good news is i got my balckberry you can add my pin: 281DFB97 for contact me. yeeah, and maybe im posting about burberry prosum spring 2009 now. i like these all. so many floral and hat... and looks awesome for spring. Christopher Bailey is very good designer.....

Christopher Bailey

yeah i like this, i like purple top with ruffles thing or lace, looks so sweet with that floral skirt.

Hanne Gaby Odiele

Lasse Pedersen

i love this !! a simple, and that hat! i like this so much.. that grey pants.. cute
i imagine i could wear this, in Ney York... hahaha, impossible
Imogen Morris Clarke

Lekeline Stange

and maybe i know the key is, trench coat, hat, necklace,socks,silk dress.. yuppps
i love that all by the way

yupps and i should go now, maybe... i'll find something intereseting at there, we'll see

Thursday, September 10, 2009


i found this butterfly top at my broken wardrobe, and i found that wash denim at my new wardobe.
this is really really unbelievable that i could found that top, i never see it since 2 years ago.
and i was really surprised that i could wear that again.

it'll be fun to go out with them, very cute with the butterfly at that.
i like this one.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

its day out

i was boring and many friends called me to join them
they ere at my friend's house
then, i decided to go and go there by my own feet
yes, i mean i walked to go there
my friend's house isn't far from my house
so i thought 'i'll enjoying this'
this is summer so the weather is very hot

and i wore
knotted t-shirt
yes, i followed kristen stewart
and then my watch
and gold bracelet and then pink thing
yeah with cropped jeans
and vans shoes

i hope tomorrow will be better

Sunday, August 16, 2009

i'll go to prom !!

hello everyone, i think these are my favorite dresses and maybe i'll go with them,
maybe for prom night, or first date hahahaha.
and these actresses are very cute when wearing them. lets see it

kristen stewart,
wow, i think she is really nice and sexy with her backless dress.
and then, dress on right its very roooock, though with converse

and emma watson,
i love her dress, i think i'll go to prom with dress on right.
its very nice go out with polka dress

and anne hathaway
she was shining when wearing this golden dress
very nice, maybe i'll go to prom with this too

and ashley greene
nice with dress like this, classical.

ok, this is my first time
this is my first post

thanks for anything,

Friday, August 14, 2009

hey, welcome to free style land

hello all,

i just created this blog, and i was browsing as fast as i can for start this blog.
i hope you all love this blog and leave your comment, i'll take my photo for this blog later.
wow, i don't know why.. but it think create this blog, my first fashion blog is very awesome.
i am sorry before, my main language is not English. so, forgive me if my english is very bad.
you can tell me as fast as you can, with send me a message,

thanks, xoxo