Saturday, February 26, 2011

My story of California

It was the best time i ever had in 2010, and the best beginning of the new year. I spent the New year in Disneyland and i stayed for 2 weeks in San Luis Obispo, and for Christmas I went to San Francisco and met such amazing guys.. like Michael, Joseph and Sharon and their family. my host family are the best. my tour leader Vanessa and her family, Troy, Bryan and Mr. Mike. Mrs. Shawn! my English teacher there.. i miss the homework lol. Vanessa's friend and her family. The one i put the photo is her daughter named Nadia. she should've been a model! and Vineyard church, Grover beach, Pismo beach, Hollywood, all are beyond awesome..

and people i love the most even though i couldn't find a photo to show. all my friends, we had a blast and i hope we continue having such as amazing reunion events! i missed you guys all the time!

i miss America. hope i'll get there again as soon as possible :)

it was a dream come true for me.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Girls for High Fashion

Hey, I know.. long time no post right

but I'm happy at least i"m still alive in this new year, hoo i know it's too late to talk about new year and blabla

i've been soooo busy cause i spent my christmas in US (I know exciting and i'm gonna post something about it once i get a good free time) I'm in senior year and there are things going on like exams, photo session for year book, and private lessons and blabla sooo i got a little free time right now and i missed blogging very much

this is all my girls.. we are in one class, these photos are takenwhen we were doing a photo shoot for yearbook

the theme is high fashion class and i'm the third from the left :D


Intan Thalia