Sunday, August 16, 2009

i'll go to prom !!

hello everyone, i think these are my favorite dresses and maybe i'll go with them,
maybe for prom night, or first date hahahaha.
and these actresses are very cute when wearing them. lets see it

kristen stewart,
wow, i think she is really nice and sexy with her backless dress.
and then, dress on right its very roooock, though with converse

and emma watson,
i love her dress, i think i'll go to prom with dress on right.
its very nice go out with polka dress

and anne hathaway
she was shining when wearing this golden dress
very nice, maybe i'll go to prom with this too

and ashley greene
nice with dress like this, classical.

ok, this is my first time
this is my first post

thanks for anything,

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